Health insurance company KPT uses EverAsk for its customers

September 01, 2022

The application EverAsk launched by the health insurance company KPT helps patients to optimally prepare for doctor-patient consultations. Now EverAsk is also available in a version as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Technically viewed, a PWA is just a website. However, it provides the users of EverAsk with some comfort features that users are otherwise only familiar with from a native app.

Very lean in size

The application developed and run by Meeting Kitchen is now additionally offered as a PWA. In this variant, EverAsk technically remains a website. Interested users are invited to install the PWA on their home screen. In fact, however, only a very slim graphical user interface is loaded onto the device during this process. The complete data load of coding, images and multimedia files, to the contrary, remains on the web server.


Better user experience

Customers of KPT and other interested persons benefit mainly from a better user experience when using EverAsk as a PWA. The graphical PWA interface of EverAsk reduces the standard browser elements to the essential functions. The app itself - with its content and control elements - becomes much more prominent for the user. The user experience becomes more intuitive, frictionless and easier.

Constantly up to date

EverAsk in PWA format can be updated within seconds, unlike native apps. It is not only that native apps first have to be extensively programmed for content or functional updates. Since standard apps are distributed exclusively via platforms such as the App Store or Google Play, updates must first be posted there - which usually involves a waiting and administrative effort.

Link to the app